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A little about Super Sauced...

This is a brand of homemade chilli pepper sauces & condiments. The ingredients are freshly sourced from the best local suppliers and made with little or no artificial preservatives. Super Sauced products are also made with little salt and sugar and the best care is taken to ensure that each product is freshly made.

The brand was created by food and wine blogger, Vera Khumalo-Gildenhuys. As a self-taught home cook, Vera finds herself experimenting with different ingredients on a daily basis and Super Sauced was one of the experiments that completely blew her away.

After serving the sauce at several braais and dinner parties and having people rave about it, Vera decided to bottle it up and send it to market.

“My goal is to present people with products are that have very little artificial ingredients.”- Vera.

The Super Sauced Promise

Our products are made by an overprotective mother, having that in mind please note that our promise to you is to use only the freshest ingredients and ensuring to take extra care in the cleanliness of every product.

If you are not entirely happy with your product, please let us know immediately and we will refund you.

We are looking to collaborate with you!

If you are the owner of a supermarket, wellness store, butcher, deli, or restaurant, we have great packages for you! Leave your details and we will call within 24 hours.

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