If your mind can’t stay off it and it’s the only thing that excites you, take what you have and go for it.
Regret is for all the things we never attempted.

We as humans all have superpowers. One of them is that gut feeling you get when something does not sit well with you. It is something you have to tend to otherwise it will just fester and grow into unending anxiety. This is how the working world felt to me. It would always serve my most basic needs but something would always be missing. So, in 2016 I set up my marketing consultancy from home which gave me something that a job could not. I finally had that extra time to find out what excites me and how I could make it into a career. I like to say that Super Sauced just happened, however, it did take one powerful recipe and spoiled surprise to get me excited about it.

At the end of 2018, my husband was turning 30 and I wanted to throw him a small gathering. My plan was to give out an inexpensive but amazing party favour to friends and family who came to the birthday braai. Consulting wasn’t the most fruitful venture at that time so I used to my growing food knowledge, combined it with very few ingredients, and made the batch of favours which were sauces. I stored it in the back of my fridge so my he wouldn’t see but I didn’t take into consideration that I couldn’t be on fridge watch 24/7. He found the sauce, put it all over his food and when I got home, he raved about it and I had to spill the beans. Instead of giving it out, I decided to bottle it up and sell it at markets. Every weekend from then on was dedicated to my sauces. On Friday’s I would make it, Saturday bottle it and Sunday sell it. Judging from that feedback I knew I wanted to focus more on Super Sauced.

From juggling motherhood and my consulting, Super Sauced had taken a back seat until now. I have been working on the branding and certifications. Since receiving interest from sample drop-offs that I conducted at the beginning of 2020, Super Sauced has taken more of time which aligns with my passion too.

Our slogan is and will always be, “There’s nothing in our bottles you can’t pronounce”. I love that my products have very little additives to make them taste great. We tend to focus on what’s delicious and health is sometimes an afterthought. I do feel like I’ve hit the nail on the head with flavour and health mixed into one. Super Sauced is a brand of homemade chilli pepper sauces and condiments. The ingredients are freshly sourced from the best local suppliers and made with little or no artificial preservatives. Super Sauced products are also made with little salt and sugar and the best care is taken to ensure that each product is freshly made.

All our products are: oil & thickener free, not made with emulsifier, flavourant & colourant free, vegan and halaal friendly.

Currently, you can interact with the brand on social media channels for orders. We’re upping our website game as you read this and will soon be able to order from www.supersauced.co.za as well as get some really cool recipes that compliment Super Sauced products.

I referred to our superpowers at the beginning of this article. Use that gut feeling as a guide. Starting your own thing is not easy, especially when it is a side hustle. If your mind can’t stay off it and it’s the only thing that excites you, take what you have and go for it. Regret is for all the things we never attempted. Only lessons can come from failure. We owe it to ourselves and our future generations to strike while we still have the energy to.

Vera Khumalo-Gildenhuys (Founder of Super Sauced & Marketing Manager)

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