Coming soon…

Super Sauced-coming soon

We have been hard at work these past couple days. Super Sauced already has 3 amazing sauces under its belt but we thought we should give you a little extra.

Here is a sneak peak of the new products we have been working on

  1. Chilli Paste

Have you ever had a burger or boerewors roll and just ate it because you’re hungry? The whole time you’re thinking that something is missing. Well we are working on this amazing chilli paste that we want to debut. We have had it on nearly everything but we are just tweaking the recipe a little. It has a hint of cumin and is made with the best Thai chillies you can imagine.

2. Chilli Relish

Freshness is the name of the game with this relish. There’s nothing else we can say to describe it, except freshness. It’s like you’re taking a bite of fresh chilli infused with tangy, crunchy, and yes you named it, freshness. We say throw some of this relish on a green salad for that extra kick or on a perfectly poached egg for that morning wake up call.

3. Chilli Jam

Where do I start with one? We found the ripest red flesh plums and harnessed their grape-like fruity sweetness, mixed it with Thai chilli and herbs to create a royal purple jam with excellent consistency and killer taste. Yes, that was very descriptive but you’ll understand once you spread this jam on a fresh roll, add some mayo and some chicken strips and BOOM, perfection.

We are having so much fun making chilli magic and can’t wait to share it with you. Look out for our updates for these delicious new products…